All Good Things

Last week, I received both the contract and preliminary layout for my first novel, which should be available later this year. 

This week, I’m finishing the second draft of a novella that marks my first ever deadline.

Yesterday, I got Shawna on the back of The Late Late Show and took her to lunch.  It was her first time on the back of the bike (well, the first time she went further than around the block).

Friday, I’ll be putting her back on the bike and taking her to the Lone Star Roundup to look at cars that are both old and bad ass.

Saturday, I’ll be hosting a gathering of friends so that we can gorge ourselves on pollo pibil and talk writerly bullshit.

These are all good things.

Most of the time, my brain can turn even the best day into a full-blown catastrophe.  That’s just the messed up way my head works.  Every now and then, however, I wake up and realize I’m surrounded by good things, that life is pretty goddamn awesome most of the time.  Today’s one of those days, and I’m thankful.