The ebook edition of He Stepped Through is now available for purchase in a variety of formats.  Tech fans should go buy it!

There have been some problems with the printer, but Bloodletting Books is scheduled to receive all copies of the print edition tomorrow.  They should start heading out to those who pre-ordered very soon, so keep you eyes peeled.

For those of you on the fence about whether or not to pick up He Stepped Through

One gray morning, the words appear everywhere: on the lips of the men shooting up an inner city burger joint, scrawled across a bloody crime scene, and written on the wall of the only occupied apartment in a downtown slum. In the space of a single day, they infect Los Angeles.

Crooked detective Walker wants to know what the words mean. Officer Megan Ricks can’t get the words out of her head. Gangbanger 2Bit wants to get as far away from the words as possible.

But the words can’t be escaped. They’re written in violence, and promise terror. When their meaning becomes clear, no one will be safe.