The Queue Grows

It never fails.  Seriously, it just never fails.  I get two or three days into a project (one that’s already got other projects lined up behind it, mind you), and I get an idea.  A big idea.  Possibly a great idea.

See, last Tuesday, I started work on a rewrite.  It’s an extensive rewrte, and it demands all of my concentration.  But then Thursday night, this amazing opening scene crashed into my head.  An interesting way to tell a novel followed right behind it, and soon I was at my laptop, pounding away on the keys to make sure the idea didn’t vanish.  That idea’s still sitting there, and it will probably sit there for a year before I can get to it.  It happens sometimes, but I think it’ll be worth it.

Ideas don’t collect dust.  They ripen.

One thought on “The Queue Grows

  1. “Ideas don’t collect dust. They ripen.”

    Man, I hope that’s true.

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