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Hurry, Wait, Hurry, Wait

It’s Monday, and I just realized I forgot to charge my goddamn iPod. As irksome as this is, it won’t drag me away from the topic I wanted to blog about today.  Why?  Because I care, that’s fucking why (the … Continue reading

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One week later

Well, I can walk without pain, and my foot’s more or less back to its original color.  I’ve received repair estimates from both the garage and my insurance adjuster, and I trust them to figure out the $300 difference between … Continue reading

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Hit by a car…

Sadly, that’s not just a clever title.  Friday morning, I really was struck by a car. Allow me to set the scene… This past weekend was the Republic of Texas (ROT) Biker Rally.  I was excited to go, as it … Continue reading

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“You hear about that shit up in Abilene?”

So this past weekend, my friend Kevin had a birthday party up in Abilene.  It was a little more than 200 miles away, and I’d been itching to take a longer ride on The Late Late Show, so I packed … Continue reading

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For a good cause…

Not much to report this week, but I do want to point you toward these auctions Brian Keene has set up.  They’re for charity, specifically a small boy who needs a $97,000 surgery by month’s end.  Go check them out … Continue reading

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