Two Reviews and a Mid-Year Report Card

There’s a new review of He Stepped Through at Dark Scribe Magazine.  You can find another at Horror Drive-In.  It’s great to see people are digging the book. Copies of the limited edition paperback are on backorder, but you can order the digital or lettered edition right now.

Well, we’re halfway through 2010, and it’s been a good year.  So far, I’ve had five shorts and a novella released.  The rest of the year should see my first novel and another novella at least enter the pre-order stage.  Here’s what we have so far…


He Stepped Through
Published May 2009 by Bloodletting Books.


“Miss Kenner and Me”
Published in Thuglit # 35, January/February 2010.

“The Taste of Memories”
Published in Dark Faith: Last Rites, April 2010, Apex Books.

“In the Middle of Poplar Street”
Published in Dead Set, April 2010, 23 House Publishing.

“Armageddon: Now Available in High Definition”
Published in Darkness on the Edge, April 2010, PS Publishing

“That’s All Right”
Published at Dark Recesses, July 2010.


This Little Light of Mine
Novella to be published by Burning Effigy Press.

Red Sky
Novel to be published by Thunderstorm Books.

Bad Magick
Novel co-written with Steve Shrewsbury to be published by Bloodletting Press.

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  1. What about the story you had in Cemetery Dance? Was that considered published last year, even though we didn’t get it until this year? Or am I thinking of the wrong issue?

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