Bad Magick available for pre-order.

Bad Magick, a novel I co-wrote with Steven Shrewsbury and which was born at a continental breakfast back in 2006, is now available for pre-order.

In 1901, famed mystic Aleister Crowley passes through a barbaric land known as El Paso, Texas. There he meets a one-armed confederate and a Russian monk known as Rasputin.  Together, these outcasts stand witness to the terrible things men can do in the name of civilization, things normally locked behind closed doors or hidden deep in the shadows.

When a band of militant Jesuits arrives in search of the prayer shawl of Mary, El Paso’s barbarism is eclipsed by religious brutality, but when a white buffalo appears, only Crowley and his new companions stand between mankind and oblivion .

Bad Magick is a grisly bit of fun.  It’s a hardcover limited to 150 copies.  We’re expecting this one to sell out fast, so get out there and order it!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I ordered the book yesterday.
    Should be an excellent production.

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