Mad Men: the best horror on television

It’s been two days since the latest episode of AMC’s Mad Men, and I’m still thinking about it.  Really, it’s to the point where I wish I could shake it from my brain.  I can’t though, because while watching this latest episode in what is turning into the best season of this show, it struck my like a fist in the gut…

Mad Men is a horror show.

What started four years ago as a show about great-looking people in the cut throat world of advertising in the sixties has slowly revealed its true colors.  The confident armor the lead characters wore has been chipped away, and we can see the terrified, lost people beneath.  They’re selfish and broken, and they’re becoming monsters, destroying their children even more than they’re destroying themselves.  What righteous characters remain are surrounded by these monsters, and there’s no way out.

I don’t want to give away too many details (or any, really), because the show is best discovered layer by layer.  If you haven’t watched Mad Men, however, do yourself a favor and get caught up.  There’s a reason it wins so many awards.

Remember this, though… you might think you’re watching a drama, but you’re really watching horror.  It’s a quiet horror, one you might not even realize is so scary until later on, when you’re all alone and have time to think.  Give it a chance, though.  You might be surprised.

You might be horrified.