Specters in Coal Dust now available!

Specters in Coal Dust, the anthology that contains my new story “A Sprinkling of Ashes,” is now available from Woodland Press.  There’s some absolutely amazing talent involved, and you should grab a copy while you can.

Stories and Contributors:

In the Valley of Love and Delight, Gary A. Braunbeck
Breathe My Name, Christopher Golden
Holding the Line, Tom Piccirilli
Old Men on Porches, Steve Rasnic Tem
Something You Need to Know, Elizabeth Massie
The Fall of the Mountain King, Lee Thomas
Anniversary, Ronald Kelly
Centralia Is Still Burning, Bev Vincent
The Shoogling Jenny, William Meikle
A Sprinkling of Ashes, Nate Southard
Riding the Bull Moose Special, Joshua Reynolds
A Hymn for Celia, Barbara Jo Fleming
Pushing Coal, Michael Bracken
The Hungry Earth, Brian J. Hatcher