Where I’ve been and what’s coming soon

First off, sorry.  I know I’ve been neglecting my various corners of the internet.  My plan is to correct this in the coming weeks, but I’m afraid I can’t make any promises.  Between planning the World Horror Convention and various writing projects, I’m sitting in the slim-to-none category, as far as free time goes.

On Thanksgiving Day, I finished the latest draft of a novel that, while having some horror elements, is largely a crime piece.  It’s got at least a polish in front of it, but right now it leaves me feeling proud and stuff.  I really think it’s going to be something special.  I’m itching to jump back into it sometime in January.

In the meantime, I have a short story to write for an anthology.  I’ll also be spending much of December rewriting a novel that should be out next April.  I can’t say much about it other than there are a few hints floating out there and it’s a loose adaptation of a story I’ve already told.  It’s one folks have been asking for, though!

Also, December will be seeing my annual “Best Of” lists.  I’m thinking about doing one for movies in addition to my normal books and songs lists, but please don’t hold me to that.

That pretty much takes me through the end of the year.  2011 brings a rewrite on a horror novel and the first draft of another horror novel.  My novella This Little Light of Mine should be available in the early part of the year, and then Focus, a novella I co-wrote with Lee Thomas should also see publication at the end of April.  Other than that, I’m thinking about recording a record in my garage just for the hell of it (not that I expect it to be any good… best not to be delusional about these things).

And there you go.  That’s the next few months all laid out for you!

Austin Comic Con

This weekend, I’ll be appearing at the first Austin Comic Con.  I’ll be helping man the STAPLE! booth with Christ “Uncle Staple” Nicholas and a few others. I’ll have copies of just about everything, so stop by and help me pay for lunch.

Also, Friday night I’ll be popping into Club Deville to check out the live art show.  You could do a lot worse for entertainment.

RED SKY available for pre-order!

RED SKY, my debut novel, is now available for pre-order. There’s no money required at reservation time, and you should have plenty of time to gather the $60 needed.  This one’s a limited edition with a short run, so copies may be gone very quickly.

When a bank job goes horrifically wrong, career criminal Danny Black leads his crew from El Paso into the deserts of New Mexico in a desperate bid for escape. With a psychopath and a hostage keeping a gutshot redneck company in the back seat, Denny soon finds himself with no choice but to hole up in an abandoned factory, the former home of Red Sky Manufacturing.

Surrounded by nothing and no one, Danny thinks he may have finally found some breathing room, a chance to think and to plan. Danny and his crew aren’t the only living things in Red Sky, though. Something waits in the abandoned factory’s shadows, something horrible and violent. Something hungry.

And when the sun drops, it will feast.

Red Sky starts out as a fun, fast thriller—but then reality makes a bootlegger turn and the horror begins. This book will take you hostage, and won’t let you go.”
— David Wellington, author of Monster Island, 13 Bullets, and Frostbite

“Nate Southard’s lean prose delivers enough action for three creature features.”
— Norman Patridge, author of Dark Harvest and Lesser Demons

“Nate Southard writes with the no-nonsense intensity and the confident swagger of a bare-knuckle boxer.”
— Christopher Golden, author of The Myth Hunters and Wildwood Road