Shipping Updates

Looks like a lot of things are heading toward the mail right now.  Received word from Cemetery Dance that my copies of Shivers VI are on the way.  This anthology contains my story “I Found a Little Hole,” and features rare reprints by Stephen King and Peter Straub.  Exciting stuff!  You should consider grabbing a copy.

Bloodletting Press has been shipping copies of Bad Magick for the past week or so.  If you haven’t received your copy, it should be arriving soon-ish.  Copies are still available, so if you want one of these handsome books, you should jump at the chance.

Finally, it looks like Red Sky should return from the printers within the next week or two.  Those who have reserved copies should be getting their billing notcies soon (I think).  Can’t wait to see how this one turned out!  Looks like the entire print run has been reserved, but I’ll do everything I can to get a more affordable edition out as soon as possible.

1 thought on “Shipping Updates

  1. Finally received my lettered of He Came Through about two weeks ago.
    Bad Magick is in the mail, and as soon as Paul asks for money i’ll pay for Red Sky.
    Keep writing and organizing WHC. I’m all set to be there.

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