Coming in April: SCAVENGERS


Millwood was a good place to be when the dead rose. It was small, isolated, and easy to defend. The survivors there forged a community, weathered what came, and began to prosper.

But then they ran out of food.

Now, Millwood is sending five men to the neighboring town of Rundberg, a town ruled by over three thousand living dead, to find enough food to save a community.

Five against three thousand? They don’t stand a chance.

Scavengers: coming in April from Creeping Hemlock Press.

(Note: Scavengers is a prose adaptation and drastic expansion of my 2005 graphic novel A Trip to Rundberg. Think of it as the new and improved version.)

7 thoughts on “Coming in April: SCAVENGERS

  1. Nate,

    Have heard a lot of great things about your writing in horror circles. I am really wanting to check out Red Sky and Scavengers. Any chance they will be in mainstream book stores or available as an e-book for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, etc.? Just don’t have the loot to drop $60 on a hardback. Thanks in advance for the response!

  2. well that was a relatively well-kept surprise
    I like the baseball bat worked into the title.
    & Creeping Hemlock make nice books too…
    just when I thought I was catching up on your books, I’ll have to get to Bad Magick & Red Sky nice n quick
    lookin forward to it

    [ Was ‘Lights Out’ the old title for this book, or is that something else entirely? (and I’ve no idea where I saw that title mentioned?!) ]

  3. Mr. March – Scavengers will probably be available as an ebook within the next month. As for Red Sky… somebody’s looking at it for a trade paperback version, but only time will tell.

    Mr. Grikepelis – Oh, there’s a third surprise coming before World Horror next month. 🙂 Lights Out is the title of a novel I’m still trying to sell, so maybe you’ll still get to see that one someday.

  4. surprises are good.
    by the way, any plans to return to the world of ‘He Stepped Through’?
    bet Lovecraft didn’t have gansta’s in mind when he was writing his mythos stories : )

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