Announcing… FOCUS

Don’t say the words!

When hard-working mechanic Denny attends a corporate focus group to earn extra money, he discovers that Frost & Revans Marketing wants more than his opinion. The group he joins is manipulated into performing an ancient rite, summoning demons that intend to seize the bodies of the unwitting test subjects.  Only a secret Denny struggles to keep hidden allows him to escape possession and the ensuing slaughter.

But his getaway is short lived.

The demons hunting Denny are one of two summoned tribes, and every nine years they face off in a tournament that can change the course of human history – or end it. He is forced to decide between joining the fight or escaping, leaving the human race open to extinction.

Six meet six in the arena. The fate of mankind is the prize.

“FOCUS is a novella of demented, demonic mayhem.  It’s thoughtful, moving, and beautifully written … and is also brimming with kick-ass action.  I loved it.  So will you.”
– Tim Lebbon, NY Times Bestselling-author of Echo City and The Thief of Broken Toys

“Southard and Thomas are superb writers on their own, but their combined talents elevate FOCUS to phenomenal. One of the best stories you’ll read this year. Absolutely wonderful.”
– Brian Keene, author of The Rising, Urban Gothic, and Jack’s Magic Beans

“Original, subversive and fast as a bullet, FOCUS is a welcome change from much of the standard apocalyptic fiction out there.  In the deft hands of Thomas and Southard the result is a mind-blowing thrill ride that’s not only deeply disturbing, but a whole hell of a lot of fun.  Don’t miss it.”
 — Greg F. Gifune, author of Gardens of Night

“Thomas’s and Southard’s FOCUS is a cold, brutal beauty; it cranks up the tension to page-clutching proportions, while conveying with deft subtelty and masterful language man’s fear of inadequacy and the sinister and inevitable grind of corporate drain. It’s a neat package of supernatural thrills, a must-read for fans of either author.”
– Mary SanGiovanni, author of The Hollower and Thrall

“FOCUS by Nate Southard and Lee Thomas is a nail-biting thriller that works on many levels. Fans of thoughtful, engaging works of dark fantasy will love this; so, for that matter, will fans of pulse-pounding pulp fiction. Set aside a few hours before you read this one. You won’t be able to put it down!”
– J. F. Gonzalez, author of The Corporation and Back from the Dead

FOCUS is a limited edition, paperback novella available at the 2011 World Horror Convention from Thunderstorm Books.  Stop by their table in the dealer’s room to purchase a copy.