Quick Updates

Last weekend’s signing went great.  We sold out of all the store’s copies of Scavengers (I think it was 19, but don’t quote me on that), and there were only five copies of Supernatural Noir left.  Lee Thomas and I signed those and gave them to the store for safe selling.  Thank you so much to everybody who came out and purchased a copy.  And to my girlfriend’s parents…I’m sorry about the cocaine and rough sex scene in the middle of Scavengers.  I should have warned you about that.

Mike Oliveri wrote an excellent essay on writers and suicide. As somebody who’s been in therapy for about two years now and still has days when getting out of bed feels like the hardest thing ever, I can vouch for everything he says.  Certainly worth the read.

This week I need to finish up a short story, and then I need to get cracking on a novel that’s due by year’s end.  How did I end up with deadlines, again?