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LIGHTS OUT now available!

My vampires-attack-a-prison novel LIGHTS OUT is now available from Thunderstorm Books.  Thunderstorm is doing something a little different with this one, releasing it as a signed hardcover limited to 140 copies, but with an affordable cover price of $35.  It’s … Continue reading

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This year’s goals

It occured to me this morning that it’s been far too long since I thought about goals.  They used to be clear in my head, but around March of last year they all got scribbled over with Put on a … Continue reading

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Hi, 2012. How’s it going?

So here we are, another year.  This one feels different for me.  In past years, I’ve been able to look forward with a fair degree of optimism, saying fun things like “Surely no family members will die this year!”  As … Continue reading

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