This year’s goals

It occured to me this morning that it’s been far too long since I thought about goals.  They used to be clear in my head, but around March of last year they all got scribbled over with Put on a great World Horror Convention!  Then, I just never got around to working on them again.

Well, that needs to change.  Part of my desire to constantly improve involves constantly rewriting my goals, making them a little bit more ambitious than they were.

So two weeks into January, here’s what I’m thinking my goals for the year will be…

1. Finish my current novel, The Slab City Event, before deadline.  Make sure it’s a zombie novel I can be proud of and that few see coming.

2. Write Porcelain, a novel I’ve been planning for the last three years.

3. Find an agent.  I’ll admit, this one’s been a goal for about as long as I’ve been planning Porcelain.

4. Find a good home for my crime novel Pale Horses.

So there you have it.  Anybody have some good 2012 goals?

5 thoughts on “This year’s goals

  1. Nice goals, brother. I send happy thoughts your way so that you may reach them.

    My goals for 2012:

    Get my name out there. Publish as many books with as many publishers that I can possibly handle.

    Get paid pro payment on as many short stories I can. So far in my career, that has happened…never.

    Make sure every Sinister Grin Press book that comes out this year is gorgeous and as flawless as possible. Also, do a better job at promoting, both the press and myself.

    Be a good husband and father. And friend.

    Also, a big goal is not to be eaten by zombies, aliens, or demons when the world ends later this year.

  2. As I wait for the postal service holiday to end so Lights Out can get to my mailbox, I have to ask- are you planning on releasing any of your work digitally (nook or kindle)? I very proudly have Red Sky, Broken Skin, This Little Light, Just Like Hell (both the Thunderstorm Elemental and the Deadite collection), Bad Magik, Focus, and He Stepped Through- it’s just hard to re-read them with a 2 year old that likes to touch things, regardless of what she’s just been into- so digital versions would be nice. Plus, I think more poeople should be exposed to your work. Can’t wait for all the 2012 stuff you’ve already announced. Hope there’s tons more to come as well.

  3. Scott: I’d love to, but in a lot of cases it’s up to the publisher. I know Creeping Hemlock released SCAVENGERS for Kindle and Nook. Thunderstorm planned to release RED SKY for Kindle about a year back, but I never heard any follow up. I need to check my Deadite contract, but it’s possible I can do a Kindle version of JUST LIKE HELL by myself. We’ll see…

  4. I’d push Paul at Thunderstorm to get Red Sky out (as well as Lights Out when the Hard Rain and Black Voltage versions sell out). More people need to know about you- your work’s too good to be “obscure.” I emailed Paul to ask him about Red Sky by the way…

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