Announcing… Something Went Wrong

It is with great pleasure that I announce my second short story collection.  On July 16th, Thunderstorm Books will release Something Went Wrong as a signed, limited edition.  Not sure on the price point yet, but it should be around $40 or under. Zach McCain did a wonderful job on the cover, giving me exactly what I wanted.

Now for the stories… Something Went Wrong contains some of my favorites from the past two years.  I’ve still got some stories that have remained uncollected, and they’ll probably stay that way.  These stories, however, are ones I’m especially proud of, ad I’d like to see them read by as many folks as possible.  The title novella, for instance, is probably my favorite work to date, a deeply personal story that I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to finish.

So look for Something Went Wrong in a couple of weeks.  I think you’ll dig it.  And here’s the stories it includes…

Something Went Wrong (original novella)
A Team-Building Exercise
The Message
Armageddon: Now Available in High Definition
Work Pit Four
In the Middle of Poplar Street
Even Better the Second Time
Going Home, Ugly Stick in Hand
It Burns
For Just One Night
Miss Kenner and Me
I Found a Little Hole
That’s All Right
The Taste of Memories
Another Lonesome Day
The Blisters on My Heart