Tom Piccirilli Fundraiser

In the last few days, genre fans have probably noticed the call to arms concerning Tom Piccirilli.  Last week, he was diagnosed with brain cancer, and on Monday he had a tennis ball-sized tumor removed from his brain.  He’s in a tough fight, and as many aspiring authors know, medical bills can be life-shattering for those who make their livings from prose.

In that light, Tom’s family has started a fundraiser to help offset his medical costs.  In just a few days, they’ve raised almost $15,000, but that will probably do little more than scratch the surface.  If you can, please go to the fundraiser website and give.  Tom is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever know, with his book Every Shallow Cut being particularly amazing.  Speaking of, publishers ChiZine have said 100% of all proceeds of the Every Shallow Cut ebook will go to Tom, so if you’d like to check out this amazing author, please do so.