The “Get Yourself Killed” Static Broadcasts Contest

As regular visitors can see, my website has looked a little different this past week.  Last Monday, the site was hacked.  In order to fix everything, we had to update Word Press and wipe almost everything clean.  So we had to load up a new theme.  Because of that, my old graphics header is no longer compatible with my website.  That picture above of a forest floor?  I don’t want that to stick around.

So, I thought it was high time for a contest.


Design a new graphics header for my blog, and I will make you a character in my next novel.  It’s possible you’ll survive, but I wouldn’t say it’s likely.  In fact, I’d say it’s almost impossible.


1. Contest Deadline is Halloween.  Any entries received after October 31st, 2012 will not be considered.

2. To enter, either post your entry in the specified thread on my message board (you will need to register), or email your entry as an attachment to

3. Entries must conform to the following specs: 940 pixels wide, 198 pixels high, 96 dpi, JPEG format.

4. While you may use any graphic from my books, it is by no means a requirement. Get creative!

5. Winners will be decided by a panel of judges and announced on November 5th.

6. In order to win the Grand Prize, you must be willing to reveal at least some details regarding your life, physical appearance, and so forth.  Otherwise, I’m just using a name.


Grand Prize: I will make you a character in an upcoming novel.  Your header image will be displayed on my home page for a minimum of six months.

Second Prize: Signed copies of my books Something Went Wrong and This Little Light of Mine.

Third Prize: Signed Copies of my books A Trip to Rundberg and the German edition of Red Sky.


Nate Southard: Hi.  I work here.  I write books and things.  Usually, they’re scary.

Lee Thomas:  Lee Thomas is the author of The German, Torn, and The Dust of Wonderland.  He is a winner of both the Lambda Literary Award and the Bram Stoker Award.  He also possesses a keen and demanding design sense that has sent many a designer insane.

Maria Cruz: Playing the part of our “Civilian who likes pretty things” is my close friend Maria Cruz.  She plays a lot of video games and probably just wants to see something with Hello Kitty or a cartoon ninja on it. When she reads the bio I wrote for her, she might get angry.

4 thoughts on “The “Get Yourself Killed” Static Broadcasts Contest

  1. Damn, hats when a contest actually requires talent. Wanted to try to win this in a drawing! Great idea, look forward to seeing what people come up with.

  2. Hi Nate,
    I have a backup buddy widget you can install on your WordPress site that will enable you to back up your site (it will send a backup version of it to a remote site, ftp, email, or Box folder). Then, if it gets hacked again, it can be restored.

    If you want to install it, I’ll email you the zip of the widget & the instructions. I have an unlimited license.


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