Red Sky paperback coming soon

When a bank job goes horrifically wrong, career criminal Danny Black leads his crew from El Paso into the deserts of New Mexico in a desperate bid for escape. With a psychopath and a hostage keeping a gutshot redneck company in the back seat, Denny soon finds himself with no choice but to hole up in an abandoned factory, the former home of Red Sky Manufacturing. — Surrounded by nothing and no one, Danny thinks he may have finally found some breathing room, a chance to think and to plan. Danny and his crew aren’t the only living things in Red Sky, though. Something waits in the abandoned factory’s shadows, something horrible and violent. Something hungry. — And when the sun drops, it will feast.

The paperback edition of Red Sky will be available from Deadite Press in November.  It sports an original cover by Alan M. Clark. Red Sky was my first published novel, and I’m very proud of it.  A lot of action in this one.  Pick it up.  I think you’ll dig it.