Your Christmas time book update

December is here, and the Christmas shopping season is upon us. That means it’s high time I told you what I have available, what’s coming out soon, and where to get it.

Down is currently available as a trade paperback.  I’m told the ebook is on its way, but I don’t know if it will be out in time for Christmas.  This novel, about a rock band that crashes in a forest full of surprises both terrifying and a little surreal, was recently given a glowing review by Black Static.  It’s a little different than my other books, and I’m very, very proud of it.

Scavengers, the prose adaptation of my zombie graphic novel A Trip to Rundberg, is currently available as a paperback and for kindle. The kindle edition is currently available for one dollar.

Just Like Hell, by far the most hardcore of my books, is available as a paperback and for both kindle and nook.  It contains four bonus short stories.

Red Sky, a novel about a bank heist gone wrong, an abandoned factory, and the strange mutated things that live there, should be available in paperback from Deadite Press before Christmas. If you can’t wait, the ebook is avilable now.

He Stepped Through, which I’ve described as the Lovecraftion episode of The Shield, can be found used on Amazon.  It’s quick, but it’s a damn good read.

3 thoughts on “Your Christmas time book update

  1. Nate,
    Any chance Lights Out will see a Kindle release anytime soon?
    I’d also love to see Bad Magick get a wider release at some point. Is that in the cards?
    Thanks, (oh- I finally got my 60-year old mom to read Red Sky. She LOVED it and took the time today to text me telling me how much she enjoyed it- I told her she should buy Scavengers for her Kindle next.)

    • Scott, I’m so sorry I didn’t respond to this earlier. Didn’t see it. Light’s Out should be released on Kindle sometime this year, but I don’t have anything resembling a date, yet. As for Bad Magick, I doubt that will ever see a wider release. Sorry again.

      That’s great news! Thrilled your mom liked Red Sky!

  2. Too bad about Bad Magick- but it is what it is. Glad to hear Lights Out is coming at some point- that’s a good enough answer for me.
    I just sent Mom Something Went Wrong as a kindle gift, so hopefully she’ll get around to it soon and tell me how she likes that!
    Thanks again Nate,

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