Sam Truman: The Pale Man

On March 1st, Abattoir Press will release my new novella The Pale Man, which I wrote as an episode of their ongoing series starring private eye Sam Truman.  IMPORTANT: this is a stand-alone story.  You don’t need to read the first four in order to enjoy it.

When a mysterious woman hires Sam Truman to find both her brother and a family heirloom known as The Pale Man, Sam is grateful for the money.  So grateful, in fact, that he’s willing to enter The Phillips-Rogers Project, a tenement known for its hellish conditions and abundant crime, in order to find them.  What he finds inside The PR, however, is something horrible and not of this world.  Nightmares wait inside The Phillips-Rogers Project, and The Pale Man holds the key.

The Pale Man will be released on its own as an ebook in March, and in a paperback omnibus edition with episodes four and six later this year.