Red Sky
Published January 2011 by Thunderstorm Books

Bad Magick
Co-written with Steven Shrewsbury
Published January 2011 by Bloodletting Books

Published May 2012 by Creeping Hemlock 

Lights Out
Published January 2012 by Thunderstorm Books

Published June 2012 by Sinister Grin Press

The Slab City Event
Published September 2013 by Sinister Grin Press

Pale Horses
Published September 2013 by Snubnose Press


Just Like Hell
Published August 2008 by Thunderstorm Books
Re-released September 2011 by Deadite Press

Deeper Waters
Published in Broken Skin, September 2009

He Stepped Through
Published May 2010 by Bloodletting Books

Co-Written with Lee Thomas
Published May 2011 by Thunderstorm Books

This Little Light of Mine
Published May 2011 by Burning Effigy Press

Mr. Gray
Published October 2011 by Camelot Books as part of Is There a Demon In You?

Tower Four
Published January 2012 as bonus story in Black Voltage edition of Lights Out 

Something Went Wrong
Published January 2014 in collection Something Went Wrong

Like Thunder
Published Fall 2014 by Thunderstorm Books

Safe House
Published July 2015 in Mia Moja, Thunderstorm Books


Broken Skin
Published September 2009 by Thunderstorm Books

Something Went Wrong
Published July 2012 by Thunderstorm Books

Will the Sun Ever Come Out Again?
Published March 2015 by Broken River Books

Selected Stories
Published March 2017 by Independent Legions Publishing


Hearing Thing
Web-comic short. 2003.

Graphic Novel. February 2005 from Frequency Press.

A Trip to Rundberg
Graphic Novel. November 2005 from Frequency Press.

Brian Keene’s FEAR
Graphic Novel. December 2006 from Frequency Press.
A comics adaptation of several short stories from best-selling author Brian Keene.


Published at, September 2004.
Reprinted in Broken Skin, September 2009.

“Hell Inside”
Published in Thirteen Vol. 1 Issue 10, October 2004.

“An Absurd Story About Demon Summoning”
Published at, September 2005.

“Silent Corners”
Published in Trunk Stories # 3, November 2005.
Reprinted in Broken Skin, September 2009.

“A Team-Building Exercise”
Published in Aoife’s Kiss, December 2005

“The House on Toledo Street”
Published in Wicked Karnival #6, December 2005.
Reprinted October, 2006 at

“Dexter Wilson’s First Day”
Published at The Late Late Show, January 2006.

“Rain Against My Window”
Published in Gods and Monsters anthology, March 2006, Simian Publishing.

“Insomnia Is My Only Friend”
Published in Horror Literature Quarterly # 1, April 2007.
Reprinted in Broken Skin, September 2009.

“Johnny Hall’s Amazing Vanishing Act”
Published at The Late Late Show, June 2007.

“Of Cabbages and Kings”
Published in The Dead Walk Again! anthology, August 2007, Die Monster Die! Books.
Reprinted in Broken Skin, September 2009.

“Captain Jinkies”
Published in Dark Recesses Press, April 2008.
Reprinted in Broken Skin, September 2009.

“It’s Even Better the Second Time”
Published at as part of their Horror D’oeuvres series, June 2008.

“Another Lonesome Day”
Published in Bits of the Dead anthology, July 2008, Coscom Entertainment.

“For Just One Night”
Published in Legends of the Mountain State 2 anthology, September 2008, Woodland Press.

“Scenic Pastures”
Published in A New Dawn, December 2008.
Reprinted in Broken Skin, September 2009.

“Inside the Box”
Published in Shroud Magazine # 5, Spring 2009.

Published at Horror World, April 2009.

“Working the Bag”
Published in Broken Skin, September 2009.

“A Little Bit of Everything”
Published in Broken Skin, September 2009.

“Why I Do It”
Published in Broken Skin, September 2009.

Published in Broken Skin, September 2009.

“In the Clearing Beneath the Firs”
Published in Broken Skin, September 2009.

“His Start”
Published in Broken Skin, September 2009.

“Hotbox Blues”
Published in Broken Skin, September 2009.

“Yellow Triangles”
Published in Broken Skin, September 2009.

“The Message”
Published in Cemetery Dance # 62, November 2009.

“Work Pit Four”
Published in Of Keene Interest # 1, November 2009.

“Miss Kenner and Me”
Published in Thuglit # 35, January/February 2010.

“The Taste of Memories”
Published in Dark Faith: Last Rites, April 2010, Apex Books.

“In the Middle of Poplar Street”
Published in Dead Set, April 2010, 23 House Publishing.

“Armageddon: Now Available in High Definition”
Published in Darkness on the Edge, April 2010, PS Publishing

“That’s All Right”
Published at Dark Recesses, July 2010.

“A Sprinkling of Ashes”
Published in Specters in Coal Dust, October 2010, Woodland Publishing.

“Going Home, Ugly Stick in Hand”
Published in Black Static issue 20, December 2010.

“I Found a Little Hole”
Published in Shivers VI, January 2011, Cemetery Dance Publishing.

“The Blisters on My Heart”
Published in Supernatural Noir, June 2011, Dark Horse Press

“The Devil Crashed In”
Published as a promotional chappette, October 2011, Camelot Books

“Three, Two, One”
Published in A Hacked-Up Holiday Massacre, November 2011, Pill Hill Press

Published in Horror For Good, April 2012.

“Burning Inside”
Published in Something Went Wrong, July 2012

Published in Zombies: Shambling Through the Ages, July 2013

“Bottle. Paper. Samurai.”
Published in Lamplight, February 2015

“The Cork Won’t Stay”
Published in Nightmare Magazine, July 2015

“Things Crumble, Things Break”
Published in Nightmare Magazine, March 20107.

“Two Gray Circles and One Black Dot”
Published in Chopping Block Party:An Anthology of Suburban Terror, October 2017

“A Taste of Sugar”
Published in Strange Aeons Magazine, November 2017

“Where the River Bends”
Published in Dead Bait 4, December 2017


A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures
Article on Horror in Comics published at Hail Saten, January 2005.

The Lost: A Movie Review, March 2006.

“Twisting the Hate”
Article published at Hail Saten, August 2006.

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