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Mia Moja and One Summer

Happy Monday, folks.  I just wanted to take a second and bend your ear.  There are a couple of books I think might interest you. The first is MIA MOJA, an anthology celebrating Thunderstorm Books’ 100th hardcover. Edited by myself … Continue reading

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Your Christmas time book update

December is here, and the Christmas shopping season is upon us. That means it’s high time I told you what I have available, what’s coming out soon, and where to get it. Down is currently available as a trade paperback.  I’m … Continue reading

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Winding down the year….

Hey there, folks.  I wanted to drop in and catch you up on all things Nate.  Or both things Nate.  We’ll have to start writing and see how many things there are.  Might be a few, might be a lot. … Continue reading

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The “Get Yourself Killed” Static Broadcasts Contest

As regular visitors can see, my website has looked a little different this past week.  Last Monday, the site was hacked.  In order to fix everything, we had to update Word Press and wipe almost everything clean.  So we had … Continue reading

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Fantastic Fest Memories

In two days, I’ll be heading to the Alamo Drafthouse to spend a week at Fantastic Fest, the annual festival of scary, gross, creepy, hilarious, bizarre, and otherwise awesome movies.  Hard to believe, but this will be my fifth year … Continue reading

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Recent Reads

I’ve decided it might be a good idea to let you fine folks in on what I’m reading at any given point and whether I think it’s worth a recommendation. Sure, you might say that’s because I need blog material.  And sure, … Continue reading

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Isolation and Hell’s Ground

This past week, I had a chance two see two very different horror flicks.  Both were great, but for different reasons.  I take great pleasure in recommending them both. ISOLATION First up is this Irish horror movie that saw a … Continue reading

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My 2009 songs

Last year, I didn’t create a list of my top songs of the year.  I really don’t know why not.  Just never got around to it, I guess. Well, this year I’m going to almost give you such a list.  … Continue reading

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Some Recent Reviews

Not of my stuff, but of some recent genre offerings that I enjoyed.  It’s October, so it’s the least I can do. HELLBOUND HEARTS This anthology is a tribute to Clive Barker’s Hellraiser mythos, which started back in his novella … Continue reading

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Examining the first wave of Fantastic Fest movies

Last week, Fantastic Fest announced their first wave of movies.  I’ve always enjoyed the way the roll out information on the year’s festival slate a little at a time.  It helps build anticipation.  Last year, I had at least two … Continue reading

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