Down ebook and other updates

Happy Tuesday, folks.  It is with great pleasure that I announce the Kindle edition of my latest novel Down is now available.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m incredibly proud of this book, and it’s probably my favorite of those I’ve written.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  It’s a little different and a little weird, but it’s horror through and through.

I updated the bookstore.  Everything I have available should be listed there now.  So if you’re looking for something of mine, check there.

It was recently announced that my Battle of Thermopylae-set story “Immortals” will be in the upcoming anthology Zombies: Shambling through History, which should be available in August from Prime Books.

In other news, there have been talks of releasing both Lights Out and He Stepped Through in affordable paperback and Kindle editions this year.  I also have a novella coming to Abattoir Press’ Sam Truman Mysteries and another release from Sinister Grin Press planned for later this year.  No release dates yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

Winding down the year….

Hey there, folks.  I wanted to drop in and catch you up on all things Nate.  Or both things Nate.  We’ll have to start writing and see how many things there are.  Might be a few, might be a lot.

So this past weekend was Thanksgiving, and it was a good time.  Got together with my ex on Wednesday to watch Sons of Anarchy and drink bourbon.  I am thankful for a lot of things this year, but one of the biggest things is tht I’ve managed to stay friends with Shawna.  It means a lot to me, and the fact that it weirds out everybody we know is a fun little cherry on top.

I spent my Thanksgiving dinner with Wrath James White and his family.  The dinner was amazing, though incredibly filling.  I’m still working on my leftovers, which includes 99% of a pumpkin pie I took because I didn’t know the White family had already baked four pies.

Friday was spent with my family, wondering why my brother likes to bring up personal things in front of children.  I made a mental note to finally stop telling him personal things.  I broke that promise two days later.  Took the pie with me, and no one touched it.  Who wants a pie?  Er…most of a pie.

Sunday night, I made my second appearance at the Cap City Comedy open mic night.  It went amazingly, much better than the first time.  I still don’t know how far I want to go with this comedy thing (or how far I can go with what talent I have), but right now it’s very fun, and I’m looking forward to doing it again as soon as possible.

I have a few more things to announce in the coming weeks/months, but I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row, first.

And now…bring on the holidays!

“Get Yourself Killed” Contest Results!

Well, it’s time!  The judges have cast their votes, and we have a winner!  I want to thank Lee Thomas and Maria Cruz for their help selecting a winner, and I want to that those who sent in entries.  There was some great stuff, but in the end there can be only one winner (plus one second place winner and one third place winner).  Congratulations, winners.  Your prizes will be sent out this weekend.



THIRD PLACE WINNER: Robert Dandusevski


The “Get Yourself Killed” Static Broadcasts Contest

As regular visitors can see, my website has looked a little different this past week.  Last Monday, the site was hacked.  In order to fix everything, we had to update Word Press and wipe almost everything clean.  So we had to load up a new theme.  Because of that, my old graphics header is no longer compatible with my website.  That picture above of a forest floor?  I don’t want that to stick around.

So, I thought it was high time for a contest.


Design a new graphics header for my blog, and I will make you a character in my next novel.  It’s possible you’ll survive, but I wouldn’t say it’s likely.  In fact, I’d say it’s almost impossible.


1. Contest Deadline is Halloween.  Any entries received after October 31st, 2012 will not be considered.

2. To enter, either post your entry in the specified thread on my message board (you will need to register), or email your entry as an attachment to

3. Entries must conform to the following specs: 940 pixels wide, 198 pixels high, 96 dpi, JPEG format.

4. While you may use any graphic from my books, it is by no means a requirement. Get creative!

5. Winners will be decided by a panel of judges and announced on November 5th.

6. In order to win the Grand Prize, you must be willing to reveal at least some details regarding your life, physical appearance, and so forth.  Otherwise, I’m just using a name.


Grand Prize: I will make you a character in an upcoming novel.  Your header image will be displayed on my home page for a minimum of six months.

Second Prize: Signed copies of my books Something Went Wrong and This Little Light of Mine.

Third Prize: Signed Copies of my books A Trip to Rundberg and the German edition of Red Sky.


Nate Southard: Hi.  I work here.  I write books and things.  Usually, they’re scary.

Lee Thomas:  Lee Thomas is the author of The German, Torn, and The Dust of Wonderland.  He is a winner of both the Lambda Literary Award and the Bram Stoker Award.  He also possesses a keen and demanding design sense that has sent many a designer insane.

Maria Cruz: Playing the part of our “Civilian who likes pretty things” is my close friend Maria Cruz.  She plays a lot of video games and probably just wants to see something with Hello Kitty or a cartoon ninja on it. When she reads the bio I wrote for her, she might get angry.